Fancy jumping in the deep end and getting involved with running the event? Then stewarding is for you!

You must hold a valid ticket to the event if you want to take part. Don't worry if you're a first time attendee, stewarding is really enjoyable and it'll be a great way for you make friends whilst also finding out more about the event.

We will send out an invitation to everyone who has bought a ticket prior to the event with a Google Form to indicate your preferences. If you have any further questions feel free to email us at You can also friend us on Facebook!


  • You will be asked to help for about 6 hours over the weekend
  • This will most likely be split into a couple of hours each day or three hours over a couple of days


  • Seating in the first few rows in the Main Hall, behind the Gold Ticket holders and disabled attendees
  • Queue jumping for the Photo and Autograph Sessions if you are on duty during them
  • Usually reserved tables in the Main Hall for the Closing Ceremony
  • Tons of new friends for life as everyone gravitates towards the stewards
  • Your stewarding duties are scheduled around you, so you won't miss any part of the event
  • And then there's the exclusive thank you photo for each event that no one else gets...


  • Main Hall - Check IDs of those entering the hall and ensuring no one is recording the guest talks
  • Photo Session - Queue control and ensuring those entering the room hold tickets for the session
  • Autograph Session - Queue control, ensuring the items are appropriate enough to be signed and ensuring those entering the room have had their number called
  • And much more! This is just a taster of things to come...
Remember, just email us at!