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Registration. On the Friday evening there will be an Opening Ceremony.

On Saturday and Sunday the day will begin with Photo Sessions in the morning, followed by Guest Talks / Q&A Sessions (pictured -right) beginning around lunchtime, an Autograph Session in the afternoon, and a party in the evening.

On Sunday the Closing Ceremony will be in the early evening, prior to the party.

When you register at the event you will be given a schedule with specific times for all activities. Please also follow @StarfuryNews on Twitter to find out the schedule a few days in advance, and also for any last minute schedule updates or changes over the weekend.

A full schedule of events will be posted here several days prior to the event.

Meet & Greet

On the Friday evening there will be a Meet & Greet reception for all Gold Ticket holders. All guests are scheduled to attend, and it should provide a unique opportunity to interact with them on a more personal level.

The Meet & Greet will start directly after the Opening Ceremony on Friday evening.

Autographs and photographs of the guests are not allowed in the Meet & Greet.


The Autograph Sessions will be taking place on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and will afford attendees the opportunity to get a piece of memorabilia signed by each of the guests in person.

Attendees will be called up by their registration number, starting with Gold Ticket holders, and followed by Regular Ticket holders.

You may get one item of your own (known as a Personal Item) signed by each guest, with the exception of any Bonus Guests announced if you are a Regular Ticket holder. Currently we do not have any Bonus Guests scheduled, but that may change between now and the event.

We fully understand how important it is for all our attendees to get an autograph, however we cannot guarantee that all attendees will get one in the event of exceptional circumstances arising, for example a guest becoming ill. We can only promise that we will do our best to make sure that you get all your autographs.